Our Yamanaka Lacquerware Products

What is Yamanaka lacquerware ?
Yamanaka lacquerware (called Yamanaka shikki in Japanese) is a type of lacquerware made in the Yamanaka Onsen (hot spring) district of the city of Kaga, Ishikawa prefecture. It utilizes an original Yamanaka technique for grinding wood. The main objects produced are round utensils like bowls and saucers. Many of the wood bases for tea ceremony utensils such as tea caddies are ground in Yamanaka. This lacquerware is special because it combines the beauty of the natural wood grain and elegant maki-e which is a technique of sprinkling powder of gold, silver, or various other colors onto a lacquer drawing.
Yamanaka lacquerware comes in two forms: mokusei shikki which is traditional lacquerware with natural wood that has been processed and painted with lacquer, and kindai shikki or modern lacquerware which consists of a urethane coating on a plastic base.
Mokusei shikki is known for having a wide variety of decorations and colorful maki-e, and artisans make sure these delicate techniques still live on today. As almost the whole manufacturing process consists of steady handiwork, in some cases a piece can take more than a year to reach completion. Meanwhile, kindai shikki is known for its versatility because it comes in unique colors and shapes. As a type of plastic, it is durable and easy to care for, so kindai shikki is even used as tableware for school lunch.

This product is made here

 Yamanaka lacquer ware boasts a history of making lacquer ware for hundreds of years. Kajii Laquer Ware, which has been in business for over 50 years as a store specializing in lacquer products, has been good at the fields of decoration, lacquer ware, and lacquer ware. In recent years, we have been actively collaborating with designer brands such as high-end cooking lacquerware, tea utensils, and lacquer accessories.

Laquer ware manufacturing is divided into wood, painting, and lacquer painting, and many craftsmen are involved in making one product. At Kajii Laquer Ware, more than 30 craftsmen, including lacquer craftsmen, create products that meet all needs through industry alliances such as lacquer coating, wood processing, plastic molding, and screen printing. The materials range from glass, metal, wood, plastic, pearls, ivory, and leather, and we have been involved in the planning and development of various companies.