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Japanese Incense Container KOGO w UCHIDE NO KODUCHI

Japanese Incense Container KOGO w UCHIDE NO KODUCHI

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A handmade Japanese incense container that has been finely crafted with sharpened gold. Fuki-Urushi is applied to the black lacquer.

"Uchide no Kozuchi" is a unique Japanese tool used in the tea ceremony, often referred to as the "magic mallet" or "small striking stick."

This legendary tool is said to possess the power to make one's wishes come true, and is considered a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.

Its exquisite design and intricate craftsmanship make it a popular item among tea enthusiasts, and it's often used to mix powdered green tea in a tea bowl.

Whether you're a seasoned tea practitioner or simply seeking good luck, the "Uchide no Kozuchi" is a must-have item in your collection.

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