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Traditional Japanese Case INRO w HO-RAI-SAN

Traditional Japanese Case INRO w HO-RAI-SAN

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A handmade Traditional Japanese case that has been finely crafted with sharpened gold. KURO-Urushi is applied to the mixture of wood. (resin 20% mixed with wood powder 80%) HO-RAI-SAN is a legendary mountain in China, where immortal hermits live, pine trees, bamboo trees and plum trees, cranes in the sky, and turtles in the sea. Furthermore, in China, the myth of the giant turtle that supports the heavens and the earth has existed since ancient times, and it is often depicted that the big turtle carries this "Horaiyama" on its back. In Japan, it was incorporated into lacquer crafts during the Heian period and was preferred as a mirror pattern during the Kamakura period. The production period is six months. It was made by Yukihiko Nakayama, a Kaga lacquer artist. A lacquer work that uses a large amount of gold powder.

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