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Traditional Japanese Case INRO w RAIJIN AND FUJIN

Traditional Japanese Case INRO w RAIJIN AND FUJIN

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A handmade Traditional Japanese case that has been finely crafted with sharpened gold. KURO-urushi is applied to the boxwood fabric. What is FUJIN and RAIJIN? RAIJIN is often depicted with a fierce, frightening face and a muscular figure with gravity-defying hair. He is surrounded by Taiko drums that he plays to create the sound of thunder. Raijin holds large hammers in his hands that he uses to play the drums. FUJIN is the Japanese god of the wind and one of the eldest Shinto gods. He is portrayed as a terrifying wizardly demon, resembling a red-headed green-skinned humanoid wearing a leopard skin, carrying a large bag of winds on his shoulders. In Japanese art, the deity is often depicted together with Raijin, the god of lightning, thunder and storms.The production period is six months. It was made by Yukihiko Nakayama, a Kaga lacquer artist. A lacquer work that uses a large amount of gold powder.

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